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Left Coast Body Works strives to be an integral part of your path to health and wellness. Whether you’re needing a relaxing massage to reduce the feelings of everyday stress, or a focused deep tissue massage to help heal specific injuries and release tension throughout the body, each massage session is tailored to your needs so you can be sure to leave the office feeling great. Let Left Coast Body Works get your body working again!

Lacey is out on maternity leave until after the first of the year. Online booking has been turned off for the duration of Lacey’s maternity leave, but please see below for scheduling options while Lacey is out of the office. All massage sessions will be taking place in Lacey’s office located within RDFit.

Please call Michelle directly for scheduling your massage session.

Michelle Friedman

LMT #7085


My name is Michelle Friedman, and it is an honor to help out Lacey while she is on maternity leave!

I attended East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland, and graduated in 1999. I have been doing massage full time since 2010 in the Portland area.

My main goal for you is to achieve decreased pain, with increased range of motion and joint mobility. In addition to utilizing the basics of Swedish Massage, I also employ Myofascial Release (MFR) and Lymphatic Drainage (LD). MFR allows me to go deeper into your muscles without necessarily using a deeper pressure. I believe joint mobility is the key to flexibility and movement throughout your body. LD enables me to remove fluid build-up and reduce inflammation you may experience during a course of bodywork, or in your everyday life.

About Lacey Runner

LMT #20959

Lacey has been licensed in Oregon since 2014 after graduating from the Massage Therapy program at University of Western States. She specializes in therapeutic deep tissue and orthopedic style massage.

Lacey’s calling lies in helping people feel their best. She always knew she wanted to make a career of helping people, and she found her passion in being a massage therapist. She worked in a chiropractic office from 2015-2018 helping provide pain relief and promote healing from soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, and still coordinates alongside chiropractors for the care and healing of people injured in auto accidents. Lacey has also completed a sports massage internship within the athletic training department at Portland State University prepping athletes for events and helping them recover from a variety of injuries.

In her spare time Lacey loves running and spoiling her dogs, as well as spending time outdoors camping, hiking, paddle boarding, and traveling the world.


Have you been in an auto accident? Massage can help aid you in recovery! You have up to 1 year to take advantage of your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage and receive massage therapy with no out of pocket costs to you. Most insurance companies require a prescription from a doctor or chiropractor. Call, text, or email with any questions on how you can take advantage of this coverage to help you recover.

Massage Services


Uses kneading, passive stretching, and long gliding strokes to melt the stress away that everyday life can throw at you. This type of massage gently releases muscle tension and promotes increased circulation throughout your body. It can also be beneficial in reducing the effects of anxiety. 

Deep Tissue

Therapeutic style massage that uses both light touch and deep pressure techniques to release adhesions and chronic tension in your muscles. Can help correct muscular and postural imbalances, get rid of aches and pains, and increase flexibility and range of motion.


Focused sessions using a variety of techniques to help athletes prepare to perform at their highest level. Massage can help injuries heal faster and reduce muscle fatigue from training, as well as aid in the prevention of injuries.


Uses suction by pump or flame to create a vacuum which lifts connective tissues and allows increased blood flow to underlying structures. Cupping is used to release tension in muscles and connective tissues, break up adhesions, and reduce inflammation.

Medical Massage

Uses a variety of techniques from multiple massage modalities to reduce inflammation and help you heal after an auto accident.

Massage Rates

$45 | 30 minutes

$80 | 60 minutes

$115 | 90 minutes

$40 per unit | medical massage


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